Shared Housing

We provide outstanding shared housing in safe neighborhoods for people in recovery, involved in the justice system, foster transition, and others in need of safe, secure housing. Asha's House Foundation® is a structured recovery program that assists our residents by establishing personal accountability, facilitating family reunification (when possible), encouraging self-sufficiency, and granting the ability to re-enter society as productive, sober citizens.

Our greatest goal is to offer security, safety, and opportunities to those in need and enable them to live their best lives. At Asha's House Foundation®, we invest in people with the aim to improve lives, support dreams, and change the world.

Asha’s House Foundation® commits to creating a calm, tranquil environment for those seeking to rebuild their lives, and we strive to offer compassionate environment for recovery. If you need help or know someone who needs assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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