Our Story & Mission

Our core mission is to serve the survivors of human trafficking, domestic violence and foster youths in transition by providing shared housing that integrates a peer-to-peer, self-help model. We aim to provide a safe, secure, and stable living environment for those in need. We modeled our program after nationally certified www.kateshousefoundation.org by Frank and Sherri, which promotes recovery and growth. 

Our Story

I lost my father in 2013, and my husband later lost his mother in 2022. Our parents had one thing in common - they were both altruists at heart and went above and beyond to help those in need. Their love and care weren't only directed at family members but toward anyone who came into their lives. It has been incredibly difficult to overcome these losses, and we knew we wanted to keep a part of them with us. We spent years pouring over different ideas for how we could live in a way that embodied the values of our parents and finding Frank and Sherri's story was our turning point. 

When we came across Frank and Sherri and their concept of shared housing, we recognized it as a noble cause. Frank and Sherri shared a dream of ending housing insecurity for those lacking a safe place to sleep at night. They wanted to provide space in a wonderful home to those going through recovery and in need. Right away, we knew it was a goal worth pursuing. 

We learned a great deal from Frank and Sherri's experience. They discovered that most recovery housing came with arcane rules that could land people back on the street in as little as 15 minutes for simple human error. People living in recovery housing couldn't even take prescribed medication. It made no sense to Frank and Sherri, and the two of them decided they could do better. 

As they developed their plan, Frank and Sherri asked, “What if we took away housing insecurity and taught the members to move up the economic ladder?" They determined that they could show everyone how to live together, keep a bank account, have a job, and get an education. They could host in-house AA and NA meetings in a housing environment that required zen and tranquility. No one would land on the street in 15 minutes simply for being late to a housing meeting. 

Their idea to place men and women in safe, well-kept neighborhoods was a major turning point for those individuals. It had the power to change their life's trajectory and story. 

After hearing Frank and Sherri's story, we made up our minds. Their concept struck a chord in both of us and we immediately felt it would be the best way for us to honor our mother's legacy. We decided to establish our non-profit, Asha, named for her. Asha means "hope" and we couldn't have possibly found a more appropriate name. It embodies our mission. With Asha's House Foundation®, we want to bring hope to those struggling to find it on their own. Although our mother is no longer with us physically, we feel her presence in what we do. Through her, we found the purpose we longed for.  

Asha’s House Foundation® (awaiting 501c3 status from IRS) commits to creating a calm, tranquil environment for those seeking to rebuild their lives, and we strive to offer compassionate, medically assisted treatment practices for recovery.


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